Things to do during Rainy Season in Bali

Things to do during Rainy Season in Bali, Rainy season in Bali does not mean there is nothing to do rather than stay in hotel and just relax. Bali still has numerous fun activities to do even when the skies turn dark and the roads are wet from drizzly to heavy rains. Do fun indoor activity with your family or partner or even explore the beautiful of Bali marine life. The weather may turn dull, but with many choices, your holiday in Bali will never be stale.

  1. Explore the Beautiful of Marine Life

What a nice option on rainy season than just explore the beautiful of marine life? There are many options that you can choose whether it is half wet or absolutely dry. This kind of activities do not need any experience of diving as you will learn quickly how to enjoy the beautiful marine life with professional guide. Bali Marine Walk, Bali Sea Walker, Bali Underwater Scooter can be your perfect choice if you are keen to have a half-wet diving with a special designed of air-supplied helmet. However, if you want to explore Bali marine life and remain absolutely dry, Bali Odyssey Submarine is the answer. check the vouchers here !

  1. Experience Indoor Fun Activities

Not only discover the beautiful of Bali marine life you can do, but also you can enjoy some great indoor fun activities in Bali. 3D Art Museum and Upside Down World can be another option if marine life does not suit you. In 3D Art Museum you can find up to 80 trick art paintings include classic, animal, cultural themes and many more. The kids will love taking photos of you being chased by a dinosaur or squirted by an elephant. There are plenty of family-friendly backgrounds too, where you can all ride a horse together or recline in a cart. Your little Picassos can choose their background pictures and get creative with their poses. There is free WI-FI available so you can send the grandparents a photo straight away. This gallery not only guarantees hours of family fun but also the best holiday photos making it the perfect time to get snap-happy! Other than 3D Art Museum there’s also an Upside Down World where everything’s inverted to give out that gravity-defying effect. Try escape room challenges such as the Totem Room Escape for some brain games that put your inner sleuth to the test. check the vouchers here !


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