Bali Zoo Park Info you should know !

Bali Zoo Park Info you should know !, Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey to encounter Bali Zoo diverse array of wildlife animals! Bali Zoo Park is a Bali activity to enjoy visiting private zoo own by Balinese with 130 staff and works together as a family, the zoo set in 12 acres lush tropical garden surrounded. Bali’s first and only zoological park is a wondrous place where you can learn the behavior of over 450 rare and exotic animals in a lush, tropical environment. A park where you can participate in fascinating animal adventure activities, some of which a re unique experiences of their kind in Indonesia. Whether it’s up close and personal feeding encounter with a Bengal tiger; an elephant safari atop the friendly Sumatran pachyderms, dining mere meters from king of the jungle and his pride, or participating in Bali Zoo’s trademark Mahout for a Day. Bali Zoo was created foremost out of our founding fathers love of animals, desire to conserve and means to share it with the world, because a passion shared equal to true happiness.

From the moment you enter the gate of Bali Zoo Park you can hold and take picture with their tropical birds, feed the animals and much more. Friendly and welcoming environment make a personal tour, their affordable entrance fees means fun day out for the family. They are also able to provide catering for tour groups, schools, or private function such as birthday party, or corporate function. They are easily accessed from all local famous tourism destinations, such as the center of culture, art and craft, beaches or regional shopping centers. Bali Zoo Park is completely accessible for disabled by way off concrete paths and the Bali Zoo Park is covered under public liability.

Bali Zoo Park also offer Unforgettable Dinner for your holiday by offer Night at The Zoo packages. Imagine those times when man lived in the jungles of the world, and each evening, the uncertainty of darkness would fall to both man and animal. Begin by feeding the elephants as they are at their most playful at the end of the day. Then get to hold and take pictures with Borneo bear cats, pythons and a freshwater baby crocodile before touring the zoo, enjoying dinner under the stars and a fire show. This is the perfect fun date night for lovers of all ages, for friends or the whole family – exciting for children of all ages.

Bali Zoo Packages: 

Bali Zoo Admission Park

Breakfast with Orang Utan

Elephant Expedition by Bali Zoo

Exclusive Elephant Expedition by Bali Zoo

Mahout for A Day

Night at the Zoo

Zoo Explorer by Bali Zoo



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