Bali Yoga Guide: 27 Most Scenic places for Yoga in Bali (and the Gilis)

In the past few decades, the mythical island of Bali has transformed into a real center for yoga. Yoga shares many characteristics with the fundamental attitude, belief, and way of thinking of the Balinese people, despite not truly being a part of Balinese culture.

The variety of yoga activities in Bali is continually expanding, so it makes sense. The island has everything your inner yoga heart desires, including yoga studios, retreats, teacher training yoga programs, yoga ashrams, and yoga festivals.

In this article, we provide our recommendations for the most stunning yoga locations in Bali, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gili Islands, which have most impressed us over our several trips to Bali.

Which Yoga Location in Bali Is Suitable for You?
There are shalas, ashrams, and yoga studios almost everywhere on the island where you can practice yoga. However, each yoga place in Bali has a unique energy.

One of Bali’s cultural hubs is Ubud, where yoga studios are one after another. It is the perfect yoga spot to unwind and find yourself because rice fields can be seen everywhere and the area is surrounded by jungle-like scenery.

On the other side, Canggu is situated right by the water. The bohemian paradise is where the spirit of yoga meets the easygoing attitude of the surfer. Real fitness addicts and foodies will also feel at home here.

The tremendous essence of the entire Bali island can be felt at Uluwatu in Bali’s south. Following your yoga class, you may unwind on one of the white sand beaches where the cliffs plunge sharply into the water, hang out at posh beach clubs, and watch the surfers burn off steam in the waves.

Generally speaking, Sanur is underrated. If you’re traveling with your family and don’t mind a little luxury, it’s a great simple spot. One of Bali’s true havens of tranquillity is Amed. While some claim that nothing is there, others adore this “nothing.”

In terms of island paradise, Nusa Lembongan undoubtedly competes with Bali. The little island excels in magnificent coral reefs, thick mangrove forests, and sparkling turquoise bays in addition to its rich yoga offerings.

All people adore the Gili Islands. Leisure or nightlife? Is it a hotspot for backpackers or honeymooners? Everyone can find island bliss on Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, or Gili Meno — or even have a wonderful yoga retreat!

Bali Yoga : The most stunning yoga studios in Ubud and the surrounding area area,

The Yoga Barn will almost probably be listed when you Google “yoga” and “Bali.” You can explore the yoga universe in depth at the spiritual yoga and healing center.

The selection of yoga classes available ranges from traditional Hatha Yoga to Tibetan Bowl Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Holistic Dance, and Yoga Therapy.

It is carried out in a lovely bamboo shala. The yoga lessons are typically insanely well attended, but the energy is consequently especially high, so make sure to reserve in early!

Along with the regular yoga sessions, yoga workshops, yoga events, and yoga teacher training programs led by well-known yoga instructors are provided all year long.

Intuitive Flow

Even the trip to Intuitive Flow Yoga is an adventure. After ascending the steps through the vegetation, you continue on a short path until you reach an indoor shala with large windows that offer a fantastic view of Ubud. This place is quite magical, especially during Bali’s rainy season. You are taken to another universe when the rain falls on the windows when you are in Shavasana.

Ubud Yoga House

Everywhere you look, rice fields are brilliant green. Ubud Yoga House is in an excellent location. “Yoga with a view” is available here, with the lush jungle and a tiny river framing it. In the midst of the forest, there is a lovely, open yoga studio and a sizable patio where you may stand in a warrior pose and observe the rice growers.This is the spot for you if you prefer it to be warm and familiar. In addition to the energizing sunrise hours, the timetable also provides kinder classes for beginners, such Gentle Yoga.

Radiantly Alive Ubud

You desire to experience Bali’s special spirit. You’ll adore the Radiantly Alive studio after that. We quickly felt at home in the welcoming shala because to how friendly the yoga community is in this location. The jungle-like environment is welcomed by floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you the impression that you are training in the center of nature. Yoga classes come in a variety of styles, such as Vinyasa and Yin, as well as Himalayan Kriya Yoga and Tantra Yoga. Additionally, excellent training sessions with renowned yoga practitioners from across the world are frequently offered, and owner Jasmine Danino’s compassionate demeanor is sure to charm you.

Bali Yoga: The most beautiful yoga studios in Canggu and the surrounding area

Radiantly Alive Canggu

No, we didn’t create a mistake in this sentence. In fact, a second shala by Radiantly Alive gives sophisticated Canggu a hint of the Ubud ambiance. You can experience absolute solitude and a wonderful perspective of the sea because the gorgeous bamboo shala stands well above the neighboring rooftops, far from the typical Canggu soundtrack of motor scooters, cheerful tourists, and building work. We practice here nearly every day, so please let me know if I should expect you.

Desa Seni

Desa Seni, which translates as “art village,” is that spot where you feel entirely carefree and tranquil. And that’s just what you’ll discover here—a stunning facility designed with traditional Indonesian motifs and evoking the feel of a small Balinese town.The open shala is encircled by a sizable garden, and once you’ve recovered from your shavasana, you can enjoy some delectable organic fare in the connected restaurant. The best part is that you can schedule a private retreat here with a knowledgeable yoga instructor, so you won’t even need to leave Berawa.

Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga

How would you best sum up Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga? It appears to be a pleasing mashup of a challenging do-it-yourself project and Villa Kunterbunt at first.
But as soon as you step inside, the entire magnificence of the setting becomes apparent. Try the pancakes! There is a tiny organic café facing the street, followed by a tiny garden and a common area that welcomes you to relax and read. There are numerous guest rooms, an excellent eco-pool that is run without chlorine or chemicals, two wooden yoga shalas, and more in the back. During your trip to Bali, you can reserve a room at the if you wish to concentrate on your yoga practice in Bali island.

The Practice

A true yoga temple is situated in a quiet side street off the congested Jalan Batu Bolong. You can feel the peaceful atmosphere permeating the beautiful bamboo shala as soon as you walk into The Practice Bali. You can learn about and practice the tried-and-true Hatha Yoga and Raja Meditation methods here. The nighttime Moon Practice is calming and meditative, the morning Sun Practice is invigorating, and Restorative 432Hz’s quiet motions, breathwork, and healing sounds will help you drift off into another world.

Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali is a tiny oasis in the center of Canggu’s hipster bubble, surrounded by dark wood that creaks contentedly as you enter the shala, the soft murmur of a stream, and joyously chirping birds.

One of the first yoga studios in the popular south-west of the island, Samadi opened its doors in 2012 with the intention of fostering an altruistic space of power for individual development. Yoga, meditation, sound healing, ceremonies, and therapies are used to teach holistic healing in this location. Additionally, if you reside in Samadi Bali, you can stumble out of bed and into the yoga studio.

Udara Bali

While practicing vinyasa yoga in the wooden open-air shala, the enormous ocean stretches out in front of you, and a brisk breeze cools you off. Udara is the Indonesian word for air. And here, you have the opportunity to fully feel this element. Seseh’s retreat center is a magnificent location where you can also spend the night. Away from the congested Canggu streets, you may experience weightlessness in aerial yoga courses with Martina Reinbold as the sun sets over the ocean. Additionally, you can unwind in the on-site spa or float in the pool while using a Sound Bath.

Chandra Yoga

The stunning, environmentally friendly yoga studio of Chandra Yoga is concealed amid rice fields and dense treetops in the lovely adjacent village of Pererenan, which is located in Canggu, Bali. You can hear the birds chirping and smell the ocean while performing sun salutations on eco-friendly cork mats in the wooden shala. You nearly have the impression of merging with nature. However, the fact that Chandra Yoga’s founders only hire Indonesian yoga teachers and treat the Balinese people with respect and gratitude is something we particularly appreciate.

Pranava Yoga

If you enjoy Chandra Yoga, you should also visit Pranava Yoga in Berawa. You can immediately feel the wonderful energy emanating from the yoga studio, which is a part of the fantastic Matra Bali surf camp.You can participate in a variety of yoga courses taught by Balinese and foreign instructors while being situated right on the river and surrounded by lush, green rice fields (yes, they do still exist in Berawa!). We find it fantastic that so many people continue to attend the Pranava Yoga classes!

Ulaman Bali

Huge, yet incredibly light bamboo structures are encircled by a luxuriant garden that is akin to a royal park. Every influencer’s fantasy has come true at the Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort Bali. Unfortunately, we simple mortals must all continue to daydream because one night here will definitely spell financial disaster for all of us. However, we do know a tiny secret! Simply schedule a yoga class if you still want to spend time in the ecological sanctuary. It is completely affordable at 150,000 rupiah each person and is certain to be an experience. Simply use WhatsApp to get in touch with the holistic retreat and order a yoga mat.

Bali Yoga: The most beautiful yoga studios in Uluwatu

La Tribu Bali

La Tribu Bali mixes the allure of Bali with a sense of the Mediterranean. In Bingin, the yoga studio serves as a creative haven. You can explore various yoga and movement practices here and uncover your inner kid. Through their expertise and compassion, the yoga instructors guarantee a wonderful experience! You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy art! Your creative side might come to life in a meditative painting or pottery class.

The Space Bali

The Space Bali The Space Bali studio in Bingin has light-colored walls and expansive windows that create a light-flooded ambience that wonderfully captures the untamed character of the Nusa Dua Peninsula. The facility, which didn’t open until 2022, adds to the southern Bali yoga scene by offering a variety of yoga programs and possibilities for spiritual development.

Yoga Searcher

The Yoga Searcher eco-shala, retreat’s which is situated directly on the cliffs and adjacent to Uluwatu’s greatest surf locations, is another lovely location to practice yoga with like-minded individuals.You can stay in luxurious teak houses designed after the traditional Javanese joglos at the sustainable lodging. It makes sense that this location would embody the carefree spirit of Indonesians. Take a yoga session to pamper your body and mind. You can also visit the organic spa on-site and relax at Café Muz Kitchen.

Mu Bali

The boutique bungalows of Mu Bali, whose name, according to mythology, corresponds to a paradisiacal, lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, are perched at a dizzying height right on the cliffs of Bingin Beach. A nice breeze directly from the water guarantees delightful refreshment during a 9.30 a.m. daily yoga class, which is superior to any air conditioning!. After your yoga session, you can enjoy breakfast in the stunning setting with a breathtaking view of Padang-Padang and Dreamland Beach. You could also reserve a room at the Mu Bungalows Bali.

Morning Light Yoga

The yoga studio at the upscale Uluwatu Surf Villas, Morning Light Yoga, offers lovely open-air shalas where you may practice your asanas while taking in the natural soundtrack of the ocean. We would love to stay here for the whole of our vacation because of the breathtaking view of the jungle and the expansive ocean that lies beyond it. Naturally, the lodging itself is pretty elegant and quite pricey. You can still visit the fun skate park next door if you want to stay here longer.

Bali Yoga: The most beautiful yoga studios in East Bali

Power of Now Oasis in Sanur

We initially went to the Power of Now Oasis’ bamboo shala in Sanur around ten years ago, and we instantly fell in love with it. There are numerous reasons for this, including the wonderful setting (you can see the sea from your mat), the knowledgeable yoga instructors, the adorable “pets” Master Turtle and Angelique the cow, as well as the altruistic lifestyle that is practiced here. Power of Now Oasis supports the two organizations Jodie O’Shea House and Sari Hati School because it was established as a semi-non-profit studio and to spread the spirit of yogic teachings. We enjoy returning here frequently!

Blue Earth Village in Amed

Blue Earth Village’s Shala Deep Flow Training and Spa soars above Jemeluk Bay, gleaming in all shades of blue. It may be Amed’s most stunning yoga studio, but for us, it ranks among the most magnificent we’ve ever visited (and we’ve traveled all over the world to practice yoga). Through a verdant, shaded archway and up a slope, a narrow walkway constructed of variously shaped stones brings you to a massive bamboo structure that offers you absolute VIP spots for your yoga mat. Because from up here, when doing yoga, you get a truly enormous view of the beautiful Gunung Agung and the vast ocean. The yoga sessions at dusk are just fantastic.

Bali Yoga: The most beautiful studios on Nusa Lembongan & the Gilis

Yoga Bliss Lembongan

A narrow, twisting route in Jungutbatu goes to the interior of the island of Nusa Lembongan. This is the location of the Yoga Bliss Lembongan studio and the Green Garden Bungalows.A huge variety of yoga is concealed behind the purple walls, including daily drop-in classes, yoga retreats and workshops, and teacher training.
We found great value in every yoga session we took, and April’s classes were our favorites. However, the mood is always welcoming and expert regardless of who instructs.

Dunia Lembogan Yoga

The yoga center Yoga Dunia Lembongan is not far from Mushroom Bay in Nusa Lembongan’s southwest. You can start on a transforming, spiritual journey here, which is surrounded by a little garden and a soothing pool. Stepping into the charming shala, which has a floor made of golden-brown Binkarai wood and is covered by a traditional alang alang canopy, allows you to experience the peaceful atmosphere that we love about Bali and the islands nearby. Swing in time with the wind and waves while taking Pilu’s Aerial Yoga session, or unwind your muscles with a deep tissue massage. For those who are new to yoga, there is a fantastic offer!

Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden Gili Air

The stunning yoga studio Flowers and Fire, which refers to itself more as a yoga garden than a studio, is one of our top favorite locations on Gili Air.The team has built a lovely place of community with its friendly nature, keen understanding of sustainability, and strong sense of creativity in the middle of the paradisiacal island. You’re sure to have a fantastic time here whether you want to practice yoga, sleep in authentic lumbungs, or simply linger at the tasty vegetarian café.

Sunset Beach Yoga Gili Trawangan

The name itself already gives you a good idea of what to expect: a peaceful yoga session enhanced by an amazing sunset. Sunset Beach Yoga Gili Trawangan is the spot for you if you enjoy practicing yoga and being in the natural world. When you first start your yoga session at dusk, you can still hear the joyous chirping of the birds. However, as soon as the sun has sunk beyond the horizon, you will hear silence and the sound of the waves.Yoga practitioners of all levels can practice in the serene tree house with a view of the water and the volcano. Fly High Yoga can be enjoyed with ease in the evening, or morning Vinyasa can help you awaken your body and mind.

The Yoga Garden

There is a unique type of yoga shala on Gili Trawangan. The Yoga Garden is a part of the Freedive Gili diving school, which specializes in apnea diving, or diving without oxygen equipment.You can practice asanas and learn breathing and relaxation methods in the lovely on-site yoga studio to help you hold your breath longer and feel more relaxed.Together with their team, the company’s founders Mike and Kate, who are both elite freedivers and yoga instructors, provide first-rate care for its students who are learning to dive and practice yoga. Being able to face your fear of the depths is a remarkably freeing experience.

Seri Resort

The smallest of the three Gili Islands, Seri Resort Gili Meno, is a genuine haven of peace. Of course, this sublime silence makes the perfect foundation for the enchanting yoga shala that can be found at the exclusive Seri Resort. You can take advantage of excellent yoga courses and, of course, a very helpful Shavasana while surrounded by curved bamboo and plenty of greenery. At 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day, yoga courses are held. You can snorkel off the beach after your morning yoga lesson in order to see a few turtles.

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