7 Most Beautiful Bali Tour Attractions

We all know that Bali belongs to the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia. If you think that Bali only has beautiful beaches, you are totally wrong. Bali is more than that because there are still many other attractions you can find on this island. So, it is interesting to know more about Bali tour attractions. This can inspire you what to visit when you have a vacation in Bali.

Bali Tour Attractions You Cannot Miss to Visit

In addition to Kuta Beach, Bali has so many tourist destinations. Some of them are very popular so that they are always crowded with visitors every day. However, some others are hidden places so that you have to give more efforts to reach there. Now, let’s see our best recommendations for those who want to spend their holiday in Bali.

1.    Pura Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot Temple)

Tanah Lot Temple

Around 20 kms northwest of Kuta Beach, you’ll find one of the most iconic temples in Bali, named Pura Tanah Lot. Its seaside setting is spectacular with a rocky island. The crashing waves surrounding it belongs to its main wow factor.

For Balinese people, Pura Tanah Lot belongs to the most sacred sea temples on the island. Behind the template is the favorite spot for visitors to enjoy the sunset. Eben though you cannot enter the temples, you can walk across to the main temple at low tide. Walking along the path, enjoying the magnificent setting, and taking photos are also fun.

2.    Mount Batur

Mount Batur

Every day, in the predawn darkness, hundreds of visitors trek up the Mount Batur’s summit. They just want to watch the beautiful sunrise at the top. Of course, this will be a romantic moment if you enjoy the sunrise with your partner.

This sacred active volcano is located in Kintamani District. From Ubud, it takes about an hour to get here by a car. The hike is easy enough. Usually, it takes around 2-3 hours. On a clear day, you will see spectacular views that stretch all the way across Batur caldera. Besides that, you will also be amazed with the surrounding mountain, Bali’s main irrigation water source, and beautiful Lake Batur.

3.    Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

This also belongs to the most famous temples in Bali because of its magnificent clifftop setting. Even more, many people consider it one of the most beautiful spots in Bali.

In Balinese, ‘Ulu’ means ‘land’s end’ or ‘tip’ whereas ‘Watu’ means ‘rock’. That’s why this temple is named ‘Uluwatu’. Mostly, people visit this place in the late afternoon when the sky & sea glow. So, they can enjoy the beauty of sunset there.

Because it is still used by Balinese people to worship, visitors are not allowed to enter the template. However, in addition to the beautiful setting & sunset, you can still enjoy the performance of Kecak dance that takes place here every day. If you want to visit here, you need to take a trip about 25 kms from Kuta.

4.    Ubud Monkey Forest

Grey Monkey at Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest (the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary) also belongs to the best Bali tour attractions, especially if you are an animal photographer or animal lover. From the town center in Ubud, you just need to walk about 10 minutes to get here.

Of course, the main attractions are the entertaining gray long-tailed macaques. However, the evocative jungle setting also makes visitors amazed because monkeys can roam free.

This forest represents the harmonious coexistence between animals and humans. Besides that, this forest conserves rare plants. Even more, it is used as a place for researching behaviors of macaques, especially their social interaction.

Keep in mind that you always ensure to secure your belongings during the visit. In addition, you must avoid direct eye contact with monkeys. For your information, smiling to them interprets a sign of aggression. One more thing, it is better not to bring food into the area.

5.    Ubud Art and Culture

Ubud Village

Still in the same city, you can also enjoy Ubud art and culture. In fact, Ubud belongs to Balinese art & culture epicenter. For your information, modern Balinese art movement was born here. It also has surrounding royal palaces & temples as the main patrons.

Now, some local museums & galleries celebrate its traditions and evolution. Anyway, this can be the heaven for those who love Indonesian art and culture.

First, you can stop at Agung Rai Museum of Art and the Neka Art Museum. They have traditional to contemporary work collections such as classical wayang (puppet-figure) painting, photography, and kris (ceremonial daggers).

Then, there is also Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets that features ceremonial masks from Asia & beyond. The next option is Museum Puri Lukisan that provides Balinese artistic styles. Another option is Don Antonio Blanco Museum, located at the artist’ former studio and home.

If you want to go shopping, just go to Ubud Art Market. You can find various art & work products such as paintings, sarongs, jewelry, sculptures, carving, etc. Uniquely, you can bargain to get the best prices.

6.    Tegallalang & Jatiwuluh Rice Terraces

Scenic Rice terrace at Tegalalang

You may have seen the Bali tourist brochures & Instagram posts that show beautiful emerald-hued rice fields. If you like it, you can visit Tegallalang and Jatiwuluh rice terraces. These belong to the most iconic landscapes for photographs because they absorb timeless beauty.

While enjoying the beautiful landscapes, you may have some foods or drinks at the restaurants or cafes overlooking the fields.

Then, Jatiwuluh rice terraces are located along the hillsides of Batukaru mountain. Compared to Tegallalang, this place tends to be less crowded. So, it is much easier to walk around or explore the fields without being hassled.

For your information, these 2 locations use subak, the traditional water management cooperative. This irrigation system is recognized by UNESCO and dates to the 9th centuty.Bali

7. Bali Zoo

Bali ZOO

Explore the various kind of animal, especially south east asia habitat such as Sumatran elephant, orang utan, Bengali tigers, baboon and more and so many activities you and your family also can do here, feeding and riding elephant is super fun to do, so don’t missed this place while you are in Bali island, get special price by get the Bali Zoo Vouchers here

Actually, there are still so many beautiful places to visit in Bali. However, those belong to the most recommended Bali tour attractions. So, you can plan to visit those places for your next vacation.

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